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[[[SPORT**]]==] AEK Antwerp uživo 30 kolovoza 2023

It was inaugurated on November 1, 1923 and has a capacity of 16, 649 spectators, being the stadium in which Royal Antwerp FC plays its matches. 2:30 PM7 days agoOrbelín Pineda is excited, the former Cruz Azul and Chivas player, who pointed out that before he only watched the tournament at home, but now he has the chance to play in it. "Now that we are here living this reality, it's exciting, it's nice. We know that every player is excited and wants more. This will help us to want more and to be as high as possible to qualify for the Champions League, " said Orbelín, who was the AEK Athens player who participated in the press conference prior to the game against Antwerp of Belgium.

Antwerp vs AEK Athens rezultat uživo, 22 avg 2023Datum: Utorak, 22 Avgust 2023 21:00 Utakmici Statistike 22 Aug 21:00 počinje utakmica Antwerp-AEK Athens. AEK Athens tijekom zadnje utakmice lige poravnao se sa Dinamo Zagreb. Nedavne utakmice Antwerp: Nedavne utakmice AEK Athens: Direktan utakmice: 06 jul 2021, Friendlies 08 jul 2023, Friendlies 30 avg 2023, Champions League Promjene: 56' Z.

11, 2023, Belgian Pro League Anderlecht 1 - 0 Antwerp, Aug. 6, 2023, Belgian Professional League Antwerp 1 - 0 Cercle Brugge KSV, July 30, 2023, Belgium Pro League Racing Genk 2 - 2 Antwerp, Jun. 4, 2023, Belgium Pro League 1:35 PM7 days agoThe visitors in their last 5 matches have had a not very good performance, as they have had several victories in the last matches, their best result was the 4-0 against Volos NFC, having a streak of 4 wins, 1 draw and 0 defeats, a very favorable streak for the team, but they need to not make mistakes, to have confidence in this tournament and stay alive.

Vermeeren - M. Ange Balikwisha - J. Ekkelenkamp ← (56. ) - Jacob Ondrejka ← (56. ) M Nordin Amrabat - Orbelín Pineda - D. Szymański ← (46. ) - Steven Zuber ← (67. ) - Mijat Gaćinović ← (67. ) - Jens Jønsson → (46. ) - Petros Mantalos → (67. ) - Niclas Eliasson → (67. ) Vincent Janssen ← (70. ) - Arbnor Muja → (70. ) A Levi García ← (36. ) - Ezequiel Ponce → (36. ) - Sergio Araujo → (68. ) Klupa N.

Antwerp - AEK Athens Hesgoal TV prijenos uživo


AEK Athens - Antwerp na prijenos uživo na televiziji danas

Wed, Aug 30, AEK Athens vs Antwerp, UEFA Champions League Qualifying Second Leg 2:40 PM7 days agoThe visitors are coming off a 2-2 draw against Dinamo Zagreb in their last match, but still have several matches remaining. Sat., Aug. 26 AEK Athens vs Panserraikos FC, Greek Super League 2:35 PM7 days agoThe Bosuilstadion is a soccer stadium located in Antwerp, Belgium.

If you want to watch Antwerp FC vs AEK Atenas in streaming, it will be shown on Paramount+. If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL is your best option. 1:40 PM7 days agoThe locals in their last 5 matches have had a not very good performance, as they have had several victories in the last matches, their best result was the 6-0 against KV Kortrijk, having a streak of 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, a very unfavorable streak for the team, but they need to not make mistakes, to have confidence in this tournament and stay alive. Oud-Heverlee Leuven 1 - 1 Antwerp, Aug. 18, 2023, Belgium Pro League Antwerp 6 - 0 KV Kortrijk, Aug.

Goal and Highlights: Antwerp FC 1-0 AEK Atenas in Champions League | 08/22/20237:34 PM7 days ago 5:15 PM7 days agoWe hope you enjoyed watching Antwep vs AEK in the Premier League. Continue to visit the VAVEL website to keep up to date with all the information that comes up throughout the day. 5:10 PM7 days agoAntwerp wins 0-1 against AEK, in a Champions League match, reaching a very even duel, but the Belgians take the lead. 5:05 PM7 days ago5 minutes of compensation are added 5:00 PM7 days agoAEK is getting desperate and they are looking for the goal 4:55 PM7 days agoAntwerp manages the offensive, they are the ones who have more arrivals. 4:50 PM7 days agoThe Greeks continue to add possession, but in attack they are very sluggish 4:45 PM7 days agoAntwerp substitution, Vincent Janssen replaces Arbnor Muja 4:40 PM7 days agoAEK substitution, Steven Zuber and Djibril Sidibé for Petros Mandolos and Sergio Araujo 4:35 PM7 days agoPossession is very tight 4:30 PM7 days agoAEK continues to keep the ball, but they are unable to reach their opponents' goal 4:25 PM7 days agoAntwerp substitution, Jurgen Ekkelenkamp Sam Vines for Jacob Ondrejka and Zeno Van 4:20 PM7 days agoJelle Bataille receives red card 4:15 PM7 days agoCambio del AEK, sale Damian Szymanski por Jens Jønsson 4:10 PM7 days agoSecond half begins 4:05 PM7 days agoEnd of the first half 4:00 PM7 days ago2 minutes of compensation are added 3:55 PM7 days agoAEK Athens looks to regain control of the ball 3:50 PM7 days agoAEK substitution, Levi Garcia replaces Ezequiel Ponce 3:45 PM7 days agoHarold Moukoudi receives medical attention for possible injury 3:40 PM7 days agoAEK looks for the ball on the wings 3:35 PM7 days agoDamian Szymański sees the yellow card.

AEK Atena protiv Royal Antwerp Live Prijenos i H2H StatistikaTraži prema turniru ili imenu ekipe +Tip Are you sure this language is right for you? Go to English if you want to change language. UEFA Liga Prvaka / AEK Atena vs Royal Antwerp Pogledaj live strimove online Gdje se moze gledati? AEK Atena vs Royal Antwerp live strim. Pogledaj gdje mozes gledati utakmicu uzivo. Nadolazece Utakmice AEK Atena 30.

other. minutes_played stats. shots stats. passing. passes stats. passes_accuracy stats. defense stats. fouls Postrojavanje Ritchie De Laet - T. Alderweireld - Jelle Bataille - S. Coulibaly - Z. Van Den Bosch → (56. ) - Sam Vines → (56. ) D Domagoj Vida - Harold Moukoudi - Ehsan Haji Safi - Djibril Sidibé ← (68. ) Mandela Keita - A.

Goal and Highlights: Antwerp FC 1-0 AEK Atenas in

3:30 PM7 days agoGreece wants to equalize 3:25 PM7 days agoGOOOOL! by Antwerp, Vincent Janssen crosses the ball to the left post and scores the first goal. 3:20 PM7 days agoAEK adds possession and they look for the goal 3:15 PM7 days agoAEK looks for the ball, they want the goal 3:10 PM7 days agoGreece start with the ball control 3:05 PM7 days agoAntwerp and AEK are ready for the match at Bosuilstadion in a match with a great attendance. 3:00 PM7 days agoBoth teams take the field for the start of this Champions League match at the Bosuilstadion. 2:55 PM7 days agoThe hosts are coming off a 1-1 draw against Oud-Heverlee Leuven in their last match, but still have several games in hand.

Livesport: Antwerp - rezultati, raspored, AEK - Antwerp uživoAntwerp rezultati i raspored na Livesport. com. Ovo je stranica o Antwerp, (Nogomet/Belgija). Ako tražite rezultate neke druge momčadi s imenom Antwerp, molimo vas da odaberete sport u glavnom meniju ili kategorijuy (državu) na lijevoj strani. Pratite Antwerp rezultate uživo, konačne rezultate, raspored i detalje utakmice! Sljedeće utakmice: 30.

Antwerp - AEK Athens 2023 Gdje pogledati isječke i rezultat? Ažuriranja priče o podudaranju, Videozapisi o ciljevima i zbirni isječci Sto cete pronaci na ovoj stranici? Pogledaj isječke i rezultat utakmice Antwerp - AEK Athens sa svim golovima, uključujući i sažetak utakmice. Iznenadit ćete se... Najvazniji dijelovi utakmice (Arthur Vermeeren) Vincent Janssen 16' 1 - 0 36' Ezequiel Ponce Levi García 46' Jens Jönsson Damian Szymanski Jacob Ondrejka Sam Vines 56' Jürgen Ekkelenkamp Zeno Van Den Bosch 67' Niclas Eliasson Mijat Gacinovic Petros Mantalos Steven Zuber 68' Sergio Araujo Djibril Sidibé Arbnor Muja 70' 36% Vrijeme posjeda 64% 06 Pokusaji cilja 12 07 Ukupno snimaka 23 26 Opasni napadi 99 61 Ukupno napada 137 323 Ukupno prolaza 544 72% Tocne prolaze 84% 02 Kutovi 11 Prekrsaji 17 01 Ofsajd stats.

2:05 PM7 days agoDo not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Antwerp FC vs AEK Atenas match in the Champions League. 2:00 PM7 days agoThis is the start time of the game Antwerp FC vs AEK Atenas of August 22nd, in several countries: Mexico: 13:00 hours CDMX Argentina: 16:00 hours Chile: 16:00 hours Colombia: 14:00 hours Peru: 14:00 hours USA: 15:00 hours ET Ecuador: 14:00 hours Uruguay: 16:00 hours Paraguay: 15:00 hours Spain: 22:00 hours 1:55 PM7 days agoThe match will be broadcasted on Paramount+.

Royal Antwerp FC - rezultati uživo, raspored & statistike

2:25 PM7 days agoThis will be the first meeting between the two teams, so they will want to get off to a good start and win the first leg, leaving the first leg in their favor so that they will be more confident in the second leg. 2:20 PM7 days agoA few minutes before kick-off, both clubs are already on the pitch in preparation for the match. 2:15 PM7 days agoGradually the fans arrive at the stadium, an average entry is expected for this Premier League match. 2:10 PM7 days agoBoth teams are already at the stadium, some players enter the dressing room to get ready for warm-up, while other players are checking the field before entering the locker room.

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