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Tantely Miss Madagascar Video

Tantely Miss Madagascar Video: A Tribute to the Beauty Queen of the Island

Do you know who Tantely Ramonjy is? If you are a fan of beauty pageants, you might remember her as the stunning Miss Madagascar who competed in the Miss World 1999 contest. She was one of the most beautiful and graceful contestants, representing her island nation with pride and elegance. But what happened to her after the pageant? And where can you watch her video?

Tantely Miss Madagascar Video

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Tantely Miss Madagascar Video, a tribute to the beauty queen of the island. You will learn about her background, her achievements, her current activities, and how you can watch her video online. Lets get started!

Who is Tantely Ramonjy?

Tantely Ramonjy was born in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, in 1978. She grew up in a humble family, with a father who was a taxi driver and a mother who was a seamstress. She attended a public school and learned French and English as foreign languages. She also developed a passion for music and dancing, which she later showcased in the Miss World contest.

Tantely Ramonjy started her modeling career at the age of 16, when she was discovered by a local photographer. She participated in several fashion shows and magazines, and became one of the most popular models in Madagascar. She also won several beauty contests, such as Miss Antananarivo, Miss Tourism Madagascar, and Miss Indian Ocean.

In 1999, she achieved her biggest dream: she was crowned Miss Madagascar and represented her country in the Miss World contest in London. She was one of the 94 contestants from around the world who competed for the crown. She impressed the judges and the audience with her natural beauty, her charming personality, and her talent performance. She sang a traditional Malagasy song and danced with a colorful costume. She made it to the top 10 finalists, but did not win the title. However, she won the hearts of many people who admired her courage and grace.

What is Tantely Miss Madagascar Video?

Tantely Miss Madagascar Video is a tribute video that showcases Tantely Ramonjys journey from being a simple girl to being a beauty queen. It features clips from her childhood, her modeling career, her beauty pageants, and her Miss World contest. It also includes interviews with her family, friends, fans, and mentors who share their stories and memories of Tantely.

The video was created by a group of fans who wanted to honor Tantelys legacy and inspire other young girls to follow their dreams. The video was released online in 2020, on the occasion of Tantelys 42nd birthday. It has received thousands of views and comments from people who appreciate Tantelys achievements and contributions to Madagascar.

Where can you watch Tantely Miss Madagascar Video?

If you want to watch Tantely Miss Madagascar Video, you can find it on YouTube. You can also search for other videos related to Tantely Ramonjy on IMDb, Strikingly, or Yahoo. You will be amazed by Tantelys beauty and talent, and you will learn more about her fascinating life story.

Tantely Ramonjy is more than just a beauty queen. She is a role model for many young girls who aspire to achieve their goals and make a difference in their communities. She is also a proud ambassador of Madagascar, a country that is rich in culture, nature, and diversity. She is Tantely Miss Madagascar Video: A Tribute to the Beauty Queen of the Island. c481cea774


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