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(SPORT TV!) Greece VS New Zealand live 30 August 2023

The New Zealanders have a SC score of -19, against -7 for the Greeks. The Oceania team opened with a defeat, also to the United States, 99-72, and beat Jordan, 95-87. 2:52 PM6 hours agoWith a 75% record, Greece came from behind to beat the United States 109-81 and won 92-71 against Jordan. The Greek team is second in group C with three points.

New Zealand vs. Greece (Group Phase) (8/30/23)

Where to watch Team USA vs New Zealand: Time, channel

The final round of Group C games will take place next Wednesday. comPosted at: 09:12EDT28/08/2023 Another time out called by Greece as the US start to turn the screw. comPosted at: 09:11EDT28/08/2023 as. comPosted at: 09:09EDT28/08/2023 Josh Hart drives through the Greece defence and the US on the cusp of opening a double digit lead for the first time in the game. comPosted at: 09:09EDT28/08/2023 7 minutes of the quarter remain as the US move into a six point lead. comPosted at: 09:08EDT28/08/2023 Banchero blocks but a foul is called and despite the Magic player's protests, Greece win two free throws, one despatched, one missed. comPosted at: 09:07EDT28/08/2023 USA still maintain advantageas.

comPosted at: 09:21EDT28/08/2023 2:11 left as Thanasis returns to the action for Greece. comPosted at: 09:21EDT28/08/2023 3 minutes remain in the halfas. comPosted at: 09:18EDT28/08/2023 Georgios Papagiannis with another fine basket and the difference is now just ten points. comPosted at: 09:18EDT28/08/2023 as. comPosted at: 09:17EDT28/08/2023 Great Walkup as Greece bag two points with a sweet give and goas. comPosted at: 09:17EDT28/08/2023 as. comPosted at: 09:16EDT28/08/2023 Steve Kerr calls his first time out of the gameas. comPosted at: 09:15EDT28/08/2023 The US have found their groove now and Greece are simply unable to deal with the quality across Team USA. comPosted at: 09:13EDT28/08/2023 A win for the US would mathematically qualify Steve Kerr's for the next stage and Greece would then have to beat New Zealand to advance.

comPosted at: 09:55EDT28/08/2023 Brunson with another threeas. comPosted at: 09:54EDT28/08/2023 Foul given against Ingram. comPosted at: 09:53EDT28/08/2023 as. comPosted at: 09:53EDT28/08/2023 Video being used to review a play to determine basket interference. as. comPosted at: 09:53EDT28/08/2023 Some words of wisdom from Steve Kerr just asking for 'more of the same' from his team. comPosted at: 09:50EDT28/08/2023 US call a time outas. comPosted at: 09:48EDT28/08/2023 Next up in Group C next Wednesday:USA-JordanNew Zealand-Greece which is very much a winner takes all gameas. comPosted at: 09:48EDT28/08/2023 Thanasis wins another foul...

as. comPosted at: 10:28EDT28/08/2023 as. comPosted at: 10:25EDT28/08/2023 Another Greece time outas. comPosted at: 10:25EDT28/08/2023 Brunson and Edwards both USA top scorers tonight with 13 points apiece. comPosted at: 10:23EDT28/08/2023 Thanasis finally scores in style and Kessler replies with another spectacular bucket. comPosted at: 10:22EDT28/08/2023 US now 30 points aheadas. comPosted at: 10:21EDT28/08/2023 as. comPosted at: 10:20EDT28/08/2023 Johnson with a sublime triple. comPosted at: 10:20EDT28/08/2023 Less than four minutes on the clock. The US 25 points ahead.

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