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Where To Buy Bitbay

This simple and powerful idea can revolutionize almost any industry. We can insure any deal, replacing insurance with self-assurance. We can now barter gold for wheat, silver for corn and even barter coins and commodities. You can even accept dollars for your item or service with Bay as the insurance. All without a middleman. International deals have major practical and legal barriers that we now solve! Avoid pointless lawsuits, get instant karma if someone cheats you. Build trust with anyone anywhere in the world! This system makes theft a thing of the past. And that is a big deal considering almost half of the Bitcoins in existence have been stolen by third parties, exchanges and escrow agents.

where to buy bitbay

The exchange will be conducted by the new supplier on Malta with usage of the same software as until now was used by BitBay exchange in Poland, based on the domain and BitBay trademark. The new supplier will be entitled to take advantage of all solutions worked out by BitBay sp. z o.o. Due to the aforementioned fact BitBay exchange on Malta will provide high quality services as BitBay in Poland so far.

The initial step to start the trading activities on BitBay, the user needs to register on the site. A Free Account must be selected where the investor renders their respective email address. This process is followed by the client producing their email address details where an activation link by BitBay is shared.

In regards to Deposit options, the BitBay account gives users the ability to deposit fiat currencies. These deposits are done only through the authorization of the bank wire transfer peculiarity. The deposit characteristics through wire transfers are known as entry-level exchanges. This is an area where novice investors can administer initial steps into the enticing market of the cryptocurrency realm.

BitBay is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers enhanced trading tools, secure transactions, and fast deposits and withdrawals. BitBay is one of the few crypto exchanges where you can trade with the Polish Zloty (PLN), and users can also withdraw PLN from Polish ATMs using their cryptocurrencies.

More than 15 methods of transfer and withdrawal of funds are available. All common cryptocurrencies are supported and the number of currency pairs is dozens. The platform offers a special BitBay card, which every customer can order to withdraw money and even pay in places where it is possible to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency.

BitBay was created in 2014 and has since been helmed by Polish entrepreneur Sylwester Suszek, who has grown the exchange from its modest offerings of only two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Litecoin, to the point where it now trades in a slew of cryptocurrencies in addition to entertaining fiat transactions.

A year after being launched, BitBay saw an overhaul to its interface in 2015 where its platform was redesigned to cater to its target audience in a way that would not seem too convoluted for them to understand, while also remaining true to the functionalities of a traditional exchange UI.

In 2016, BitBay went through yet another revamp of its trading platform while doubling the size of its team once again, this time increasing it to 70 people. The revamp took a while in order to bring BitBay where it is in the form of BitBay 3.0, and the new interface was unveiled to its users in 2017, by which time it had added even more cryptocurrency assets under its belt.

In summary, the best method for making the most money with the least risk seems to be to bet the entire market and HOLD ON instead of trying to trade or speculate. Imagine if you had a chance to invest in the stock market when it first opened. Just betting the entire market would virtually guarantee success regardless of which individual stock performed well. In 2016 I tested this strategy and was very happy to watch the Bitcoin roll in as many altcoins I invested small amounts into grew rapidly. If I had simply left everything in there instead of making a typical new investor mistake of trying to trade and make even more, I would have many 3 to 5 times more than I originally invested with very little risk. The one big win I did get was betting it all on Dash which to date has changed my $10,000 investment in a masternode into what today is worth $72,000 AND pays out $100+ every week! What if I had choose poorly on another currency and lost all my money? What if instead I picked PIVX where I could have made 100 times my money and turned $10,000 into $1 million? Today I am ready to begin a long term strategy that will allow me to participate in all the greatest gains while minimizing my risk in any one digital currency. As I am listening to Unshakable and Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins, he consistently emphasizes the value of a balanced index fund as one of the most effective ways to invest for the average person interested in making a profit because this requires no skill with trading, no need to continuously watch the market, and makes holding on during a down time easy. In accepting reality, I see I have no time or energy to do trading. With all honesty, I am not smarter than you reading this or the other traders. I do not want to just compete and fight. I want to put my money into something I believe in and just leave it there indefinitely as a retirement investment package. The simple strategy I am starting to execute is to invest .5 Bitcoin into the top 100 currencies on Poloniex and other exchanges with whatever masternode rewards I get placed into Bitfinex which just has the very top of the digital currencies. Over time this should allow me to pay the least tax and get the highest reward with the lowest risk. If you would like me to make a complete online class showing each step to do this, would you please leave a like on this video? If over 1,000 people leave likes beside you, I will do live streams showing my progress each month! Here are the top 100 cryptocurrencies as of April 13, 2017 according to CryptoCurrency Market Cap. 041b061a72


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