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Rayman Legends: A Platforming Adventure That Will Blow Your Mind

rayman origins was a great platformer and a fantastic way to introduce gamers to the series, but after a few years, the series returned to a more classic, cartoony style of gameplay, with rayman legends following suit. this sequel marks the most ambitious step yet for the series and has seen some major improvements to the gameplay, such as the addition of a block-popping mechanic, which allows players to pick up enemies and objects by hitting them with a single button.

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still, i had a slight feeling of doubt when i began playing through rayman legends' levels. while i was thoroughly impressed with ubisoft's decision to give rayman a platform reboot for the first time in years, i did worry that the lack of focus on the series would result in some missed beats. to my surprise, i was quickly wrong. ubisoft had clearly put a lot of thought and love into rayman legends, and some of the game's levels may even be a bit of a throwback to classic platformers, but there was a certain level of polish to the game that i was not expecting. this was a game designed with a passion for nostalgia, and it shows. the skill and polish with the characters and backgrounds is simply astounding, and it's only made better by the inclusion of both of the original rayman games.

another thing that made rayman legends standout was the sheer amount of characters and stages. rayman, globox, the teensies and other friends are all here, and they all play differently. the game has its own unique art style that takes a few minutes to get used to, but once you do, it's a little part of you that you'll always have in your heart.


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