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Russian Pthc Forum Free

There are many hacker forums in the dark web world. Apart from the forums that first come to mind for illegal drug sales, human trafficking, and pornographic content, in this article, I will mainly talk about the 5 most popular dark web forums where information exchanges are made that pave the way for cyber attacks.

russian pthc forum was founded on March 16, 2022, after RaidForums, known as one of the most popular hacker forums since its establishment in 2015, was destroyed by the European Union Police Service when one of the active members of RaidForums wanted to create a dark web forum as a continuation.

With the same theme and colors as Breached, it is a continuation of RaidForums, the most popular dark web forum of recent years, rather than an alternative. Breached was established to maintain a tradition and has been among the forums actively used by hackers.

Breached admin announced that RaidForums will close this forum if it becomes accessible again. Being a member of the Breached forum is free, just like RaidForums. However, there are paid Premium memberships to take advantage of the privileges. In addition, the credit system in the forum is at least as active as before. is one of the dark web forums established to prepare the ground for cyber attacks. One of the most prominent features of this Russian forum, which we can consider the most critical in terms of cyberattacks, is the auction sales in its market.

It also sells VPN and initial access, a marketplace, making the favorite dark web forum for ransomware hackers. A certain fee is charged for users who want to join the

Just like, the XSS forum, one of the Russian forums, is considered one of the most important forums in cyberattacks. Users can become a member of XSS for free, but there is also a premium membership system for users who wish to benefit from other privileges.

RAMP (Russian Anonymous Marketplace) is a dark web forum that users can access only with a dark web extension. This forum has a different membership system, where Chinese and Russians are more concentrated than in other forums. It is not possible to become a member of this forum directly.

Altenen forum is a carding forum launched in 2008, gained popularity with credit card fraud, and took its place among the top 5 dark web forums. Users can access this forum with both surface and dark web extensions. In May 2018, its founder was caught, and the first established forum was closed, but its successor,, continues to be actively used.

Very soon the forum found its audience and we built a fine structure where people could speak easily, communicate with each other, share their experiences, give advice, publish useful and important data about the treatments and doctors, and to support each other. It has become very useful to each of its members.

After two years of constant work we were lucky to meet a person who has made a web-site for our forum, contributed much to its development and, now continues to be our web-master. Later the site and its forum were united and now they are located accordingly: and

Even though many of these chat groups, channels, and servers are technically open to the public, they are sometimes only shared in a specific forum or a closed community that is geared toward a specific type of audience. The anonymity of the users combined with the often exclusive sharing of information and the scale of the data makes it challenging for law enforcement and security agents to monitor.

A commercial dark web data crawling technology can monitor existing groups of chat applications at scale and also automatically discover new ones through specific identifiers. This includes groups and channels that can be difficult to discover since they are closed groups, forums, or communities. In addition, many marketplaces and forums on the dark web have a dedicated Telegram group.

It is January 2017. At this point the two have been running the Childs Play website for three months. Under their supervision, thousands of members have shared photos and videos of children being sexually abused. A Norwegian member boasted of abusing children in his own family. Some members got together in person to commit abuse, which they filmed and shared on the forum.

With the security scares brought about recently [...] and the general lack of good forums anymore, I decided to bring Childs Play to the community. The goal of Childs Play is to provide a simple free access forum to the community, while simultaneously allowing a safe and secure place to talk and just be ourselves.

Until the day before, he had been highly active on Childs Play. It was the last time the forum would hear from him for a long time. The clock on his computer read 11:46 p.m. when he logged in as WarHead and wrote a short thank-you note to a member who had posted a film showing an assault on a 10-year-old girl:

The understanding between WarHead and forum members was that a missing a status update would signal that the site had been taken over by others. That is why the messages were so important, and had to be written in the same style as always,

Several participants in Operation Artemis refused to be interviewed or identified, including the investigator who monitored the Scandinavian sub-forum as well as other European partners in the operation.


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