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Forever My Love (Berkley-Faulkner 02)

Clara Faulkner (she/her) is a freshman majoring in journalism and BCE. She currently serves as an assistant editor for living arts with a love of pop culture. She also is a member of SPJ, CPLA, AEPHI, and is marketing director of Emertainment. Aside from writing, she has a passion for cooking, traveling, art, and languages.

Forever My Love (Berkley-Faulkner 02)

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Imagine a time when you really wanted something but just didn't have the skills or resources to get it. Along comes someone with a seemingly good idea for you to get what you want and just like all idea people, the expectation is that you will do all the work and share the benefits. In the end, you can't follow through on the idea because it turns out you love those chickens and that's why you are a lovable baddie.

I don't often read graphic novels but they are a great resource when you want to brush up on your foreign language dialogue skills. I was particularly drawn to this book because the artwork is incredible. It turns out that the story doesn't disappoint either. The fox is hungry and wants to eat chickens but he is also particularly bad at being a predator when it comes to chickens. No one is threatened when he comes into the chicken area and they mostly just kindly ask him to leave. Along comes the wolf with a great idea: if the fox can get some eggs and raise chickens, then they can both eat chickens after hatching more eggs. Based on the cover alone, it won't surprise anyone that the fox loves the chickens that hatch and decides that he can't give them to the wolf for eating. Like any good graphic novel, the drawings are good enough to tell the entire story without any words and the words only add to the humor.

The book is by the Turkish-British writer Elif Shafek. Part of it is told from the point of view of a fig tree. Through the young love story of a Turkish Cypriot and a Greek Cypriot, we learn about the island of Cyprus and the violent conflict between Turks and Greeks on the island. We see the effects of the diaspora on families. We see how identity is complex and how it can be forged by what happened to our families or cultures before we were born. We see how nature is not a backdrop, but a protagonist.

After reading these brief articles in The New York Times, I watched the short Op-Doc produced and directed by Ben Proudfoot. The Op-Doc was a joy to watch, and I loved learning about the original owner/chef of The French Laundry (later purchased and made more famous by Thomas Keller). Before Chez Panisse and Alice Waters, Sally Schmitt was cooking and running restaurants in Napa using fresh, local ingredients (farm to table concept). Shortly after her death in March 2022, her cookbook was released, see This wonderful book is part cookbook, scrapbook, and memoir. Read and enjoy!

We Deserve Monuments is the classic plot set-up - teen from a cosmopolitan city moves to a small town and learns about herself, her family and the world. We Deserve Monuments takes the classic plot and delivers new, vivid characters addressing both age-old questions of belonging, identity and justice as well as currently contested ones such as who deserves monuments? The main characters, young lesbian women of color, find their way to each other while also finding a way to carry and live fully and authentically with generational family trauma and racism in its most obvious and most insidious forms. While these young characters deal with complex issues (the book also does an excellent job showing the effects of COVID on high schoolers who missed out on anticipated high school experiences) - We Deserve Monuments is full of love, laugh out loud moments, the healing power of nature, teenage joy and a cranky, unforgettable grandmother.

Japanese conductor Yuji Yuasa has died at the age of 77. Yuasa worked as a former assistant to Seiji Ozawa and has been one of the most respected and beloved professors at Vienna Music University. He had a reputation in Japan as a teacher who systematically analyzed the essence of traditional conducting.

Nora,You are one of my most favorite authors! I am so saddened that this has happened to you, and others. You are so strong and standing up for others is fabulous and makes me love you even more. Continue on. You are amazing and I have a great respect for you!

As an author that works her ass off and barely scrapes by at times, I just want to say thank you. You are my hero. And knowing that you are going to fight against this BS that we smaller authors have no real power to battle gives me hope that there may be a better future ahead for real writers who love this industry and the craft.

Nora I have 1 thing to say to your articles, well actually 2 things. Number1 go get them and number 2 if it has Nora Roberts or jd robb I will and forever read your books. You do you keep up the great work

I love that my friends can publish their books (that I know they slave over!), but I hate that thur same system opens the door to thieves and scammers. Slam that door! Protect yourself and other established authors, legitimate self-publishers looking to be discovered or just enjoyed, and the consumers who just like to read without aiding crooks.

Birds love blueberries. As soon as the berries begin to ripen, cover the bushes with bird netting to protect the fruit. Make sure there are no gaps or openings in the netting. Secure the netting to the ground with bricks, stones or other weights.

Lorelai sees something she likes at an auction: a man. Only Emily knows his identity. Should Lorelai break her stay-out-of-my-love-life rule, just once? A broken sprinkler brings Rory and Jess together.

Lane: Okay, thinking about something else, something else. Thinking about puppy dogs. Thinking about getting things in the mail. I love getting things in the mail, letters and packages.

Finding Me is a deep reflection, a promise, and a love letter of sorts to self. In her powerful and empowering memoir, the first Black actor to earn an Oscar, a Tony, and an Emmy details her rise from poverty and other trauma to emerge as an iconic American artist. She revisits her childhood and all its pain, finally answering the question that had long haunted her: How did I claw my way out?

Being the third novel of the Gilead series, this is the story of an abandoned and kidnapped girl who had a rough childhoods. The woman marries a man, and the story follows their love and how her past has shaped who she is today.

This fourth novel of the Gilead series, Jack, tells the love story of an interracial couple living in post-World War II. America at that time was full of segregation so when an African American woman falls in love with a Caucasian man their relationship undergoes many challenges, but love is the one thing that keeps them together. 041b061a72


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