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I, The One - Use Boxing and Karate Skills to Defeat Rivals in the Fighting Ring

I, The One - Fun Fighting Game: A Review

If you are looking for a fun and exciting fighting game that will test your skills and reflexes, you might want to check out I, The One - Fun Fighting Game. This is a game where you have to kick, punch, and knock out your enemies on the top of the roof. You can choose from different fighters, arenas, and modes, and use various boxing and MMA moves to defeat your opponents. In this article, we will review the features, gameplay, pros and cons, and FAQs of I, The One.

Features of I, The One

I, The One is a fighting simulator game that offers a lot of features to make it more fun and engaging. Here are some of them:

i the one - fun fighting game

Online PvP mode: fight against players from all over the world

One of the main attractions of I, The One is that you can join online fights against real players from different countries. You can challenge yourself by facing stronger opponents and see how you rank on the global leaderboard. You can also chat with other players and make friends or enemies.

Kick harder and get points for more powerful punches

The game has a unique system where you can increase the power of your punches by kicking harder. For each punch you land, you will get points that will make your next punch more powerful. This adds a strategic element to the game as you have to balance between kicking hard and saving your stamina.

Choose from different battle arenas and modes

I, The One has a variety of battle arenas that have different layouts and obstacles. You can fight on the roof, in the park, in the subway station, or in the desert. Each arena has its own challenges and advantages that you have to consider. You can also choose from different modes such as survival mode, team mode, or sandbox mode.

Use boxing and MMA skills to defeat your opponents

The game allows you to use different fighting styles and techniques to knock out your enemies. You can use boxing moves such as jabs, hooks, uppercuts, or haymakers. You can also use karate skills such as kicks, chops, or elbows. And you can also use MMA skills such as takedowns, submissions, or ground-and-pound. You have to mix up your attacks and be unpredictable.

Unlock new skins, gloves, boosts and other features

As you play the game, you will earn game currency that you can use to upgrade your fighter. You can unlock new skins that change the appearance of your fighter. You can also unlock new gloves that have different effects such as speed, damage, or health. You can also unlock boosts that give you temporary advantages such as invincibility, rage, or slow motion. And you can also unlock other features such as new music, sound effects, or camera angles.

Play in both portrait and landscape modes

Another feature of I, The One is that you can play it in both portrait and landscape modes. You can switch between the modes anytime you want by rotating your device. The game will adjust the controls and the interface accordingly. This gives you more flexibility and convenience when playing the game.

How to play I, The One

I, The One is easy to learn but hard to master. Here are some basic instructions on how to play the game:

In landscape mode: use joystick and attack button

In landscape mode, you will see a joystick on the left side of the screen and an attack button on the right side. You can use the joystick to move your fighter around the arena. You can use the attack button to punch or kick your enemies. You can also swipe on the screen to dodge or block.

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i the one - support and contact information

i the one - privacy policy and data safety

In portrait mode: use one-finger joystick

In portrait mode, you will see a one-finger joystick on the bottom of the screen. You can use it to move and attack at the same time. You just have to drag your finger on the screen to move your fighter and release it to attack. You can also tap on the screen to dodge or block.

Drag to move and release to attack

The game has a simple but effective control system where you just have to drag to move and release to attack. This makes the game more intuitive and responsive. You can also adjust the sensitivity and position of the joystick in the settings menu.

Tips and tricks for winning the fights

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you win more fights in I, The One:

  • Use combos: don't just spam the attack button, try to chain your punches and kicks together for more damage and points.

  • Use kicks: kicks are more powerful than punches, but they also consume more stamina. Use them wisely and kick harder for more impact.

  • Use environment: use the obstacles and items in the arena to your advantage. You can push your enemies off the roof, hit them with barrels or crates, or use explosives or traps.

  • Use boosts: don't forget to use your boosts when you need them. They can give you an edge over your enemies or help you escape from a tight situation.

  • Use strategy: don't just rush into the fight, try to analyze your enemies' strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your style accordingly. Use different moves and techniques to surprise them.

Pros and cons of I, The One

I, The One is a fun fighting game that has a lot of pros, but also some cons. Here are some of them:

Pros: fun, addictive, challenging, realistic, stylized

The game is very fun and addictive as you can enjoy fighting against different opponents in different arenas and modes. The game is also challenging as you have to face stronger enemies as you progress and compete with other players online. The game is realistic as it has physics-based movements and collisions, and realistic sound effects and animations. The game is also stylized as it has a cartoonish graphics style that suits the humorous tone of the game.

Cons: camera issues, hit boxes, launch direction, AI behavior

The game has some cons that may affect your enjoyment of the game. Some of them are camera issues that may make it hard to see your fighter or your enemies sometimes. Some of them are hit boxes that may not match the actual size or shape of your fighter or your enemies, making it hard to land or avoid hits. Some of them are launch direction that may not be consistent with the direction of your attack or kick, making it hard to control your fighter or predict your enemies' movements. Some of them are AI behavior that may be too easy or too hard depending on the mode or level, making it hard to balance the difficulty of the game.


I, The One is a fun fighting game that will keep you entertained for hours. You can enjoy fighting against different opponents in different arenas and modes, using different fighting styles and techniques, and unlocking new features and upgrades. The game has a simple but effective control system that makes it easy to learn but hard to master. The game has a realistic physics-based system that makes it more immersive and realistic. The game has a cartoonish graphics style that makes it more funny and humorous. The game has some cons that may affect your enjoyment of the game, such as camera issues, hit boxes, launch direction, and AI behavior. However, these are minor issues that can be fixed or improved in future updates. Overall, I, The One is a fun fighting game that you should try if you like fighting games or just want to have some fun.


Q1: Is I, The One free to play?

A1: Yes, I, The One is free to play. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. However, the game has some in-app purchases that can enhance your gameplay experience, such as buying game currency, skins, gloves, boosts, or removing ads.

Q2: How can I upgrade my fighter?

A2: You can upgrade your fighter by using the game currency that you earn by playing the game or by buying it with real money. You can use the game currency to unlock new skins, gloves, boosts, and other features that can improve your fighter's appearance and performance.

Q3: What are the different modes in I, The One?

A3: There are different modes in I, The One that offer different challenges and rewards


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