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Happy Together - Happy New Year.7z

Hey there! EDuke32 team member Hendricks266 here with an update on EDuke32.NightFright recently mentioned that the EDuke32 Team planned to make our Synthesis build system produce separate 32-bit and 64-bit packages. I have since implemented this change. (It is also worth noting that Mapster32 and other files related to modding have been moved into a package named "eduke32-sdk".)You will now find that separate 7-Zip archives exist targeting "win32" and "win64"--fairly self-explanatory. You will also find that both packages contain eduke32.exe, and this is intended. "eduke64.exe" was nothing more than a placeholder file name. We're still EDuke32.You are likely to find that 64-bit builds give the Polymer renderer a bit of a performance advantage over the 32-bit builds. Once our team member Plagman has sufficient time, he will restructure Polymer to equalize and improve the performance under both architectures.However, if you are a fan of the 8-Bit Classic software renderer, you will want to stick with the 32-bit build for better performance using it instead. If you're wondering why these differences exist, hop on the EDuke32 IRC Channel and I'll be happy to give you the highly technical explanation.I hope to share further developments with you in the near future. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Happy Together - Happy New Year.7z

Just a few hours ago, hundreds of happy people were enthralled by all the marvellous student chamber music performances that they witnessed in the Bach Concert Hall within Musica Mundi School (MMS), Waterloo. Everyone who was involved deserves really warm congratulations for yet another stunningly beautiful production at the school! ??

This tribute article is dedicated specially to Hans Moors (23.6.1942-18.5.2022) and his wife, Heleen, who is still a very dear friend to my little family of Jenny, Michael and myself. We visited Heleen in The Netherlands last Saturday, and it was really good to all be together and to share lots of happy memories of Hans.

The voluntary and anonymous character of the study was explained online and participants were informed that by proceeding with the questionnaire, they indicated their consent with participation. Participants were asked to indicate basic demographic information before they were randomized to the healthy or cancer condition (see Table 1, column experiment 2). They were presented with a description and picture of a fictive fellow student. Gender of the fictive student was matched by sexual orientation and pictures showed a close-up with a happy facial expression (used from the Radboud Faces Database [51]. The male and female pictures were selected based on age (comparable to the age of first year students) and attractive looks. The student was described as a second year student that passed all exams, had a part-time job in a theatre, lived in student housing, sometimes visited his/her parents, was single but would like to be in a relationship. After answering several questions, respondents were presented with part 2 of the profile, presenting either a story for the healthy condition (lost best friend to cancer three years ago) vs. the cancer condition (had cancer him or herself three years ago). The Ethical Committee of the psychology department of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, approved of this study (ppo-015-082).

Seeing our fellow team members from across Europe make it to the retreat was awesome and heartwarming. Every company needs a positive work culture to build a healthy and productive work environment, so we are really happy and proud to have accomplished this. 041b061a72


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