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The Ultimate Game App Download List: 100+ Games You Need to Try

Game App Download: Why, How, and What to Play

If you are looking for a fun and convenient way to enjoy your favorite games on your smartphone or tablet, you might want to consider downloading game apps. Game apps are applications that allow you to play games on your mobile device, either online or offline. They come in various genres, styles, and formats, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you are into action, adventure, puzzle, strategy, or casual games, you can find a game app that suits you.

But why should you download game apps? How can you download them easily and safely? And what are some of the best game apps to play right now? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. Read on to find out everything you need to know about game app download.

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Why Download Game Apps?

Game apps are not only entertaining but also beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the reasons why you should download game apps on your mobile device.

Benefits of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has many advantages over other forms of gaming, such as console or PC gaming. Some of these benefits are:

  • Accessibility: You can play game apps anytime and anywhere, as long as you have your mobile device with you. You don't need to buy expensive hardware or software, or wait for long loading times. You can also play offline if you don't have an internet connection.

  • Variety: You can choose from a wide range of game apps, from casual to hardcore, from indie to mainstream, from free to paid. You can also switch between different game apps easily, depending on your mood or interest.

  • Socialization: You can connect with other players around the world through game apps. You can chat, compete, cooperate, or share your achievements with them. You can also invite your friends and family to play with you, or join online communities of gamers who share your passion.

  • Learning: You can learn new skills, knowledge, or information through game apps. Some game apps are educational, while others are designed to improve your cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, problem-solving, or creativity. You can also learn about different cultures, histories, or languages through game apps.

  • Relaxation: You can use game apps to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Playing game apps can help you reduce your anxiety, depression, or boredom. They can also boost your mood, self-esteem, or motivation.

Statistics on Game App Downloads

If you are still not convinced that game app download is worth it, here are some statistics that might change your mind. According to various sources :

  • In 2022, there were 142.6 billion app and game downloads worldwide, out of which 55.6 billion were for games and 87 billion were for apps.

  • Google Play was responsible for 110.1 billion downloads in 2022, while iOS had 32.6 billion downloads.

  • The most downloaded games in 2022 were Among Us (264 million downloads), Subway Surfers (227 million downloads), Garena Free Fire (218 million downloads), PUBG Mobile (175 million downloads), and Gardenscapes (171 million downloads).

  • The top countries by game app downloads in 2022 were China (38.6 billion downloads), India (12.1 billion downloads), and the United States (9.5 billion downloads).

  • The average number of games installed per user in 2022 was 4.4 games.

The average time spent on mobile games per user in 2022 was 4 hours and 36 minutes per week.</ How to Download Game Apps?

Now that you know why you should download game apps, you might be wondering how to do it. There are many ways to download game apps on your mobile device, but here are some of the best and easiest ones.

Best Apps and Websites for Game App Downloads

The most common and convenient way to download game apps is through the official app stores of your device. For Android users, this is Google Play, while for iOS users, this is the App Store. These app stores offer a large selection of game apps, both free and paid, that are compatible with your device. They also provide ratings, reviews, screenshots, and descriptions of the game apps, as well as security and quality checks.

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However, if you want to explore more options or find some hidden gems, you can also use other apps and websites that specialize in game app downloads. Some of these are:

  • App Annie: This is a website that provides analytics and insights on the app market. You can use it to discover the most popular, trending, or profitable game apps across different categories, countries, and platforms. You can also compare the performance and features of different game apps and get recommendations based on your preferences.

  • ApkPure: This is an app that allows you to download game apps that are not available on Google Play. You can find game apps from different regions, genres, and developers, as well as modded or hacked versions of game apps. You can also update your game apps without using Google Play.

  • AppValley: This is an app that lets you download game apps that are not available on the App Store. You can access game apps that are premium, exclusive, or modified, without jailbreaking your device. You can also get updates and support for your game apps.

Tips and Tricks for Downloading Game Apps

Downloading game apps is easy, but there are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of it. Here are some of them:

  • Check the compatibility: Before downloading a game app, make sure that it is compatible with your device and operating system. You can check this by looking at the requirements and specifications of the game app on the app store or website. You can also use tools like to test if your device can run a game app.

  • Read the reviews: Before downloading a game app, read the reviews and ratings of other users who have tried it. This can help you get an idea of the quality, features, and issues of the game app. You can also look for professional reviews from reputable sources like .

  • Manage your storage: Before downloading a game app, check how much storage space it will take on your device. You can do this by looking at the size of the game app on the app store or website. You can also use tools like to free up some space on your device by deleting unwanted files or apps.

  • Use Wi-Fi: Before downloading a game app, make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. This can help you save data and avoid extra charges from your mobile carrier. It can also speed up the download process and prevent interruptions.

  • Enable unknown sources: If you are downloading a game app from a third-party source other than Google Play or the App Store, you might need to enable unknown sources on your device settings. This will allow you to install game apps from sources other than the official ones. However, be careful when doing this, as some unknown sources might contain malware or viruses.

What to Play on Game Apps?

You have downloaded some game apps on your mobile device, but what should you play? There are so many game apps to choose from, but here are some of the best ones based on popularity and quality.

Popular and Trending Game Apps

If you want to play what everyone else is playing, here are some of the most popular and trending game apps right now :


Subway SurfersA fast-paced endless runner game where you dodge trains and obstaclesArcade

Among UsA social deduction game where you find the impostor among the crewmatesAction

Garena Free FireA battle royale game where you survive and eliminate other playersAction

PUBG MobileAnother battle royale game with realistic graphics and gameplayAction

GardenscapesA match-3 puzzle game


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