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Linear Drum Fills Pdf Fixed Download

im not going to go through the pattern here, since its really an exercise in limb independence. the thing to watch out for is the single stroke roll between the hi-hat and the bass drum. if its a slow roll, youll have to play the bass drum foot and the hi-hat hand opposite each other. the pattern is also played as a swing, a triplet, and a 16th note triplet. i really like playing this exercise like this, because its a real tempo exercise that gets the body moving.

Linear Drum Fills Pdf Download

the final part of the exercise is a real drum fill. the first count is played as a swing, the second count as a triplet, the third count is played as a 16th note single stroke roll, and the fourth count is played as a double stroke roll. the pattern here is a double two five six nine four one. you can play it anywhere on the drums, but it makes a really cool pattern.

if you want more of a challenge, try to create the linear fill while you learn the riff on the video. the goal is to master the linear fill and then move on to larger patterns. if you want to learn more about the linear fills, there is a great article in the online magazine drummer dance which i found really helpful.

in this list youll find the best drum lessons for beginners, intermediate drummers, and even seasoned drummers! you can choose between beginner drum lessons for absolute beginners, intermediate drum lessons for intermediate drummers, and even seasoned drum lessons for drummers who are ready for the next level.

if youre a drummer who knows a bit about 16th note linear drum fills but needs to study them some more, i highly recommend you check out the lessons in the advanced section. these advanced drum lessons will show you some extremely advanced 16th note linear drum fills that you might not have even realized were possible. they also give you a different approach to drumming, one that draws upon a lot of the knowledge you probably already have, and theyre extremely useful in helping you get a better feel for what makes a good drum fill sound like a drum fill and what makes a bad drum fill sound like a drum fill.


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